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Juan has just arrived to Finland. His fellow students, Teija from Finland and Kaire from Estonia, meet him in the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.






Listen and repeat:


Teija:  Juan Ruiz?

Juan:  Si! Kyllä, joo! Minä olen Juan Ruiz.

Teija:  Hei, minä olen Teija, Teija Virtanen. Tervetuloa Suomeen!

Juan:  Kiitos!










Listen and repeat:

Teija:  Juan, tässä on Kaire Seppel.

Juan:  Anteeksi?

Teija:  Hän on Kaire, Kaire Seppel.

Kaire:  Hei Juan! Hauska tavata.

Juan:  Hei Kaire! Hauska tavata.




If you are not sure what someone says to you or you didn’t hear him/her quite well, you can simply say Anteeksi? (Excuse me? / Pardon?)










 When meeting another people you might start conversation in this way:


Minä olen Teija. Minun nimi on Teija Virtanen. 

I am Teija. My name is Teija Virtanen.

Hän on Kaire. Hänen nimi on Kaire Seppel.

She is Kaire. Her name is Kaire Seppel.

Mikä sinun nimi on?

What is your name?










Listen and repeat:

Kuka sinä olet?

Who are you?

Minä olen Juan.

I am Juan.

Mikä sinun nimi on?

What is your name?

Minun nimi on Juan.

My name is Juan.

Mikä sinun sukunimi on?

What is your last name/family name?

Minun sukunimi on Ruiz.

My last name is Ruiz.


Notice: When the question starts with a pronoun (kuka, mikä /who, what), the verb comes last.










An informal and very common greeting which can be used at any time of the day is Hei! (Hello, Hi)

-Hei Juan!   Hi Juan!

-Hei Taija!

 When you meet a person for the first time, or when he/she is introduced to you it is polite to say Hauska tavata (Nice to meet you). When someone says this to you, you can answer with the same phrase.

-Hei Juan! Hauska tavata!

-Hauska tavata!














When you are introducing yourself, you have a few choices:


Minä olen Juan Ruiz.

I am Juan Ruiz.

Olen Juan Ruiz.  

I am Juan Ruiz.

Minun nimi on… 

My name is…

When you are introducing someone, you can start by saying tässä on, literally here is.

Tässä on Kaire. 

This (here) is Kaire.

Tässä on Teija Virtanen.











1. Which personal pronoun would complete the sentence?

Choose the right pronoun.



2. Choose the correct form of the verb OLLA.

Choose the correct form.



3. Choose the correct genitive form of a personal pronoun and place it to the sentence.

Choose the correct form.



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