This online course is designed for students planning to come to study at the University of Helsinki for a term or two.

It is also useful for those who are already studying in Finland as a supplement to the classroom lessons or instead of them.

The material consists of 10 chapters, each including three lessons with short texts, dialogues, exercises and grammar.

There is also a summary of the grammar presented in the lessons.

Have a look at the List of Links, also. You might find lots of interesting things there!


This course gives you a good picture of the Finnish language, a toolbox handy in simple everyday situations with the Finns – a taste of Finnish.








Make space on your weekly timetable for a regular study session, or sessions according to how fast you want to progress.

Start your studies by going through the introduction to the Finnish language.

Go through the material chapter to chapter keeping in mind that “repetition is the mother of learning”.

Practise pronunciation by reading the dialogues after listening to them or together with the reader.

You might also need a good dictionary. If you are already studying at the University of Helsinki, NETMOT dictionaries is a very good option. If these dictionaries are not available for you try the free online dictionary sanakirja.org.






This material was originally created as a part of the WELCOME project (2001 – 2003). WELCOME was a Lingua 2 project aiming at the development of five linguistic and cultural preparation courses for exchange students in higher education. The institutions involved in WELCOME were Universiteit Gent (the coordinating institution), Tartu Ülikool, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Universidado do Porto, and Helsingin yliopisto. The languages involved were Dutch, Estonian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Finnish. This project was financed by the European Commission.

Due to technical problems with the common WELCOME portal the Finnish material was never really accessible for users. But now you have it here – thanks to the Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies at the University of Helsinki.

The material has been created by Leila White and Taija Udd (née Nieminen) during the WELCOME project, with Professor Jyrki Kalliokoski as the leader of the Finnish team. Matti Ahlgren has designed the visual look of these pages, and most of the photos have been taken by Eero Roine.



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